Bird of the Year 2018 Voting

Voting for the annual Bird of the Year is now underway. This year, the Hutton’s Shearwater


Charitable Trust (HSCT) would like to encourage support for Hutton’s Shearwater. Tītī/Hutton’s shearwater are a tāonga of Ngāi Tahu, an icon of Kaikōura, and sustained substantial losses from the 2016 earthquake. Tītī/Hutton’s shearwater have long been a species of importance to Māori and to the Ngāti Kuri people of Kaikōura. The story of Rakihouia is well known; when his party set foot on the shores of Kaikōura, his pregnant wife Tapuiti craved eggs. After observing seabirds flying into the mountains, Rakihouia sent men to the cliffs and mountains to find eggs, which they duly did. This tradition of use was acknowledged by the naming of the Ka Whata Tu o Rakihouia Conservation Park, “The standing storehouse of Rakihouia”. The significance of Tītī to Ngāi Tahu was also acknowledged in the Ngāi Tahu Claims Settlement Act 1998 which list Tītī/Hutton’s Shearwater as a tāonga species. They are an amazing bird, some of them fly from their burrows high in the Kaikōura mountains, whip down to Banks Peninsula, then head out to sea for a couple of hundred kilometres before heading back home and feeding their chick. That puts making the kids lunch into context! So please vote in thisyears Bird of the Year at: Voting is open now and closes on 14th October.