Welcome Back 2017

We have finalised details for our Welcome Back event for this season. It will be held on the afternoon of Saturday 23rd September, based at the new Museum in Kaikoura. This is at the new Kaikoura District Council headquarters at 96 West End. The flyer has all the details, but a ticket will give entry to the Museum, there will be a wine and cheese event, a Welcome Back ceremony for the birds as they return from their winter in Australian waters, the the launch of Richard Cuthbert’s book – Seabirds Beyond the Mountain Crest. We may also be able to share some good news about funding as well. We know that it is election day, but the voting should all be done and dusted by then, so come out and focus on enjoying something else for a while. The return of the birds is always a feel-good occasion and we would love to see you there!