FLYSAFE 2019. It’s a wrap!

The results are in 🙂

We had the last bird rescues recorded on 14th April, which brings this season’s number of fallen Hutton’s shearwater fledglings to 85.

Of these 18 died upon impact, from predation  or roadkill, where the latter was the dominant cause of mortality.

In addition, 17 birds were injured but could successfully be rehabilitated.

As in previous years, about 80% of fallen birds could be rescued, which is not least due to the great support from the Kaikoura community looking after our precious birds.

Fallout concentrated along Kaikoura’s coastal roads, and in particular along the Esplanade.

The fallout numbers from this season as well as the distribution of rescue locations compare to results from previous years. We are looking at a ‘moderate’ fallout season. However, we hope to be able to reduce numbers by working with KDC and the community on mitigating fallout, which is predominantly caused by light pollution and according disorientation of birds having to reach the sea at night.

For more detail, follow this link to see our ppt presentation on this year’s fallout season. Make sure you activate ‘show speaker notes’ under the ‘view’ tab to see explanations accompanying the slides.

If you want to read a bit more ‘science’ on the subject, ask us for a copy of “Investigation of fallout events in Hutton’s shearwaters (Puffinus huttoni) associated with artificial lighting.” Notornis, 2017, Vol. 64: 181-191.


We finish this season with a massive thanks to our inspired, passionate and dedicated team of volunteers we have been blessed with this year. You have been fabulous!!!