The Trust has undertaken research in conjunction with various contractors and scientists over the years. To date research has focused on monitoring, population trends, breeding success, post-translocation movements and genetics. Current research is focusing on light disorientation, crash landings and foraging behaviour.

Research remains a key priority in Hutton’s shearwater conservation management, and long-term funding is required to ensure research priorities come to fruition. Research is urgently required to assess the erosion risks at the two remaining mountain colonies, where soil instability is a significant risk. It is also vital to assess all six “abandoned” mountain colonies, to discern whether any breeding may be occurring there.


Current research:

Light disorientation

Dr Sharyn Goldstien from the University of Canterbury is currently investigating Hutton’s shearwater fledgling crash landings in relation to light disorientation.

Foraging behaviour

Della Bennett from the University of Canterbury is currently researching Hutton’s shearwater foraging behaviour, food availability and prey distribution for her Ph.D.


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A comprehensive list can be viewed in the Hutton’s bibliography.

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