We are back! :)

Hello dear friends of the Hutton’s.

Time appears to fly faster than any shearwater ever could! And we apologise for the period where you might have gotten the feeling that thee is only cobwebs gathering on this site. A few internal challenges have kept us from tending to this site in an appropriate manner. We promise betterment! 😉

Let’s kick it off with announcing this season’s FLYSAFE program being up and running, with a great group of dedicated volunteers from within the Kaikoura community supporting us in our annual search and rescue operations for crashlanding Hutton’s shearwater fledglings.

You ca find more details under our fallout / crashlandings tab on this page.

Since late last week, birds have started to fall, so it is high time to keep your eyes peeled for shearwaters on the roads, the curb, carparks, you driveway or backyard. If you find a bird, gently pick it up, place in a card board box and take to the Hutton’s Hub on Ludstone road next to the DOC office (follow the signage). From here our teams will see to their safe release but will also deal with injured birds. Record rescue data in the log sheets at the hub.This will help us to work towards fallout mitigation in the future.

You can also help by keeping your cats inside at night during March and April and drive extra carefully at night and in the early hours of the morning. Grounded Hutton’s shearwaters are unable to take off o their own once on flat solid ground. So they won’t fly off in front of your car!

We appreciate your support,

thank you 🙂